Necklaces to Fit For Face Shape

Necklaces to Fit For Face Shape

Everyone's facial features are unique, but there are several categories under which most people fall. Some faces have a combination of two or more shapes, but the general designs are oval, pear, heart, square, and round. Women often rely on their face shape when choosing jewelry to complement their natural features.

CZ Silver Necklaces for Oval-Shaped Faces

The length and style of necklaces can elongate short faces and detract from stronger builds. To determine the shape of a face, pull the hair back completely to see the hairline, cheeks, jaws, and chin. For assistance with difficult features, take a digital photograph and remove the color for a black and white picture. The following table illustrates the basic face shapes and their general features.

Oval - This shape is widest at the forehead and tapers to a curved chin. Oval faces resemble an egg and are longer than they are wide.
Pear - Also known as triangle, this shape features a narrow chin and jaw line. The cheeks, temples, and forehead are the widest features of the pear shape.
Heart - Heart-shaped faces have narrow jaw lines with a slightly pointed chin. The forehead is wider than the cheeks. Some individuals with this shape have a widow's peak hairline, which features a V-shape at the center. Diamond-shaped faces are similar with more pronounced angles.
Square - This shape has a jaw line and forehead that are nearly equal in width. The rectangle is a variation of the square face but is oblong and narrower than the square.;
Round - Round faces are widest at the cheekbones and feature a full forehead. The jaw lines are rounded, and the chin is short.

Face Shapes

Necklaces for Oval-Shaped Faces

Designers consider the oval shape to be ideal because all jewelry styles are flattering for this look. Long necklaces, short chains, and pendants complement the symmetry and balance of oval faces.

Necklaces for Pear-Shaped Faces

Long necklaces with multiple chains balance the strong jaw of pear shapes. Opera-length necklaces are ideal for elongating the face and making it appear less triangular. Gemstone pendants can draw attention away from the jaw line for a more balanced look.

Necklaces for Heart-Shaped Faces

Chokers and shorter necklaces create bulk near the narrowest area of the face for a more balanced appearance. Large, chunky pendants are flattering for heart-shaped faces. Narrow chains tend to elongate the face and enhance the pointed chin, so thicker is better for this face shape. For business and formal events, stacked and multi-chained necklaces help balance this look.

Necklaces for Square-Shaped Faces

Necklaces with lengthy chains elongate the face while softening the strong, angular jaw line. Collar-length necklaces complement the features of a square face.

Necklaces for Rectangle-Shaped Faces

Shorter necklaces with bulky chains or several accents detract from the oblong shape of the rectangle face. Wrapped necklaces, such as rope chains, flatter individuals with this face shape.

Necklaces for Round-Shaped Faces

Women with round faces choose necklace designs that make their features appear more oval in shape. Longer necklaces and drop pendants elongate the face, and collar-length, chunky styles balance the rounded features. Lariat and plunging necklaces help individuals achieve the oval appearance.