Necklaces to Fit For Body Features

Necklaces to Fit For Body Features

Women often change their necklaces to match their current ensemble. Fashion necklaces come in a variety of styles at affordable prices to help consumers build a collection. These styles offer the latest trends and feature plated metals, crystals, and semi-precious gemstones for gorgeous looks. Fine necklaces are usually reserved for formal occasions and special events due to the valuable materials and risk of loss. Fine jewelry includes diamond accents, precious metals, and precious stones. Women wear fashion necklaces on a daily basis for work and casual situations, and they wear fine necklaces with evening gowns and formal attire. The neckline of the ensemble is the most important aspect to consider when choosing an appropriate necklace.

The chain and pendent should rest either above the neckline or well below it. Jewelry dangling around the highest seam can cause distractions from the overall look. If the necklace rests over the fabric, choose complementary or contrasting colors for the accents. Match gemstones to colors within the outfit. Diamond necklaces dress up any outfit with eye-catching sparkles, and pearl necklaces are available in a wide range of colors for casual or formal attire. If the necklace rests on the skin, choose metals to complement the skin tone.

White and silver metals, such as white gold, sterling silver, and platinum, look nice on fair-skinned individuals. Medium skin tones match any metal color, so silver, rose, or yellow metals look fine. Olive-skinned individuals wear bronze and copper tones while yellow gold is ideal for darker skin. When matching a necklace to a particular outfit, consider the following table as a guide for neckline styles and flattering jewelry.

V-Neck, Scoop Neck, Boat Neck, or Crew Neck
- Strands of beads or pearls in colors to match outfit;
- Solitaire pendants.
Spaghetti Strap or Strapless
- Conservative necklaces with thin chains and small accents;
- Chokers and waterfall necklaces;
- Silver or gold chain with classic pendant design like heart, star, or teardrop;
- Necklace should rest close to the neck.
Open-Collar Blouse
- Collar-length necklaces;
- Thicker chains with chunky pendants.
- Long strings of beads;
- Longer necklaces that rest well below the neckline;
- Lariat necklaces.
Square Neck
- Collar-length necklaces;
- Pendants that fall just below the collar bone.