How To Choose The Perfect Earring For Yourself

How To Choose The Perfect Earring For Yourself

Millions of traditional and modern designs and patterns of earrings have made them the must-have jewellery for women. Buy silver earrings online and choose from a wide variety of earrings available in different colours, designs, shapes and cost.

You must know which design suits your face as choosing the wrong one can totally ruin your look for the day. Based on the shape of your face, here is a guide that will help you choose the perfect earring for yourself.

Earrings for narrow faces

Narrow faces are longer as compared to other shapes and require earrings that make them look round so that the overall shape looks balanced and attractive. For narrow shaped faces, long earrings are the best choices. If you are going to parties, lots of traditional long earrings are available. For casual outings and offices, teardrop earrings are the best.

Earrings for Round faces

Round shaped faces are very common and the best-suited earrings for this shape are the long and dangler shapes which perfectly balances the broad and wide shape of the face. Dangler shaped earrings make the round shape look long and attractive. These earrings look very feminine and best suited for wedding and traditional functions. Angular earrings are also a good choice for round faces.

Earrings for Square faces

Square shaped faces look a lot like narrow faces but are wider. Elongated earrings and oversized hoop earrings are very well suited to the square-shaped faces as they make the jawline and cheekbones quite visible which makes the face look attractive and appealing.

Earrings for Oval Faces

Women with oval-shaped faces are the most blessed ones as they can wear any type of earrings and almost everything suits their face very well. Buy silver jewellery online and anything will definitely suit your face. Since the length and width of the face are balanced in a natural way, you do not need to specifically select earrings for your face.

Earrings for heart-shaped faces

If you have a small chin and cheeks narrower than the forehead, your face is heart-shaped. These shapes are not very common but still, you will find many in India. Elongated teardrop earrings are suited the best on these shapes and are definitely the safest bets. Also, curved earrings are suited very well on the heart-shaped faces which makes your face look extremely attractive and beautiful.

There are hundreds of designs available in the market and you can choose earrings based on your face shape. Perfectly matched earrings not only enhance your looks but also personality and confidence.