How To Choose The Real Silver Jewelery

How To Choose The Real Silver Jewelery

No matter if you purchase silver from online stores or local physical stores, the most important factor to be considered is the purity. People might compromise with the quality depending upon the price but never with the purity. Silver items are very costly and if it is not pure, all your hard-earned money would go in vain. There are few tests and checks which you can either ask the store persons to perform in front of you or can be done and checked at home if you have purchased from online stores. We are listing some of them below so that you can always check the purity of your silver.

1. Magnet test
Magnet test is one of the easiest methods to test the purity of the silver. Pure silver will never attract a magnet unless it is mixed with iron, nickel or cobalt. Just put a magnet near your silver item and you will get to know the purity instantly.

2. Acid Test
Acid test is not a handy way of testing the silver purity but is definitely the authentic one. You can ask the store person to perform the acid test in front of you or you can purchase acid from outside and perform the test at home. Put a drop of acid on the silver piece and if it changes colour, silver might not be pure. If the colour stays the same, the silver is pure.

3. 925 stamp
The most authentic silver items have the .925 stamp imprinted on them. They might not be clearly visible but if you search carefully, you will definitely find this imprint which shows the authenticity of the silver. This stamp is the standard mark across the world. Whether you buy silver jewellery online or offline, this will be imprinted in all the authentic items.

4. Blurs or Fades
If your silver jewellery blurs or fades, it might not be the check for authenticity. Real and pure silver will blur as well but as soon as polishing and buffing is done, it will regain its original lustre and shine whereas an impure silver on losing its shine will never regain it no matter how much polishing is done.

5. Touch and Feel
You can also judge the purity of silver by simply inspecting it from outside. Pure silver is bendable and is soft so if the metal feels hard and sturdy, it might be a different metal and not silver. Also, the scratchy surfaces, smell and colour might be helpful in deciding the purity of the silver.