How to Choose Silver Necklace Pendant

How to Choose Silver Necklace Pendant
Silver pendants have a large number of beautiful designs and patterns that lures women of all ages. From stone studded pendants to couple pendants and alphabets or pendants containing names, designers have a lot to offer to the customers in terms of designs. Moreover, these pendants are also a great option for gifting on occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

When it comes to wearing pendants, there are a lot of ways by which you can select the right pendant for you and the way you need to wear them so that you look special on those special occasions. We are listing some of them below

Occasion is always important

Before selecting the pendant you want to wear, make sure you know the occasion very well in which you are going to wear it. Wearing a pendant which does not suit the occasion could be a fashion disaster for you and will make you regret later.
Big silver pendants with stones studded are always a great choice for weddings and traditional occasions. Because of their size, shine and lustre, they attract a lot of people and you become the centre of attraction amongst people.
If you are going for a business meet or an office party, always try to wear small pendants with lesser stones on them as you need to look sophisticated and carry grace on such occasions

Experiment with colors

If you want your pendant to catch the eyes of people, it is very important that you choose the right color with the right dress or else wearing the pendant will be of no use for you.

Silver pendants look the best with black dresses. Apart from that, other dark colors like maroon, Red, Navy Blue and Dark Green also enhance the beauty of your pendants. If your pendant has a different colored stone other than white, you must choose the dress accordingly so that the gemstone on your pendant catches eyes instantly.

Always try to match your pendants with your earrings because that makes you look complete and even. Even if your earring does not match totally with your pendant, you can select pendants which look similar to your earrings if not exactly matching

Try for a balanced look

Most pendants come with chains so the most important thing you must consider is to find out the length of the chain that will look perfect on your body. They must not be too long or too short or else the pendant will be hidden and will be almost invisible ruining your looks.
Take a measuring tape and measure the length from your chin to your hairline. Mark the measurements and use the same to mark the length from your chin to your chest. This will act as a balance point for you where your pendant will stay or end and look perfect.