How To Choose Jewelry Gifts For Girlfriend

How To Choose Jewelry Gifts For Girlfriend
The gift you give to your girlfriend might only be a gift for you but for her, it holds a significant emotional sentiment so you just cannot go wrong when it comes to the first gift you are planning to give her. If you are new in the relationship, you will not be knowing her choices and likings and if you are planning a surprise, you cannot ask her directly what she likes. You must go with the hints like see what she browses in the shopping sites, what she reads in the magazines and what she discusses with you regarding her choice of jewellery. Being a man, it will be difficult to find out the pretty gift for her because you will be confused most of the time.

Amongst different jewellery like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, bangles etc, choosing the one that only is liked by her but fits in your budget too is very difficult. This guide will definitely help you to choose the best gift for your girlfriend that she will cherish all your life. Keep reading!

Is Your Relationship New?

It matters a lot if your relationship is new or old because if it is old, you must be knowing her preferences and choices very well by now but if it is new, you need to do some research before deciding the gift for her. Being new, your relationship is naive and you do not want to go hard on anything as it might scare her and she might take a step back.

This means, instead of gifts that say I LOVE YOU, go for the gifts that say I CARE FOR YOU. In these situations, necklaces or bracelets with names will be the best and the appropriate gift for her as girls want somebody to take care of them for the rest of their lives and no better gift than this that says you care for her.

Time to Express Your Love and Move One Step Further:
Now when you know that you love her and know that she loves you too, it's time to express your love to her or in other words, confess your love. You cannot go wrong in this phase of your life and want everything to be more than just perfect. While you are confident enough but there is a slight fear of rejection as well which stops you to just say everything.

The best gift in this phase would be something that shows the connection or bonding between both of you. Something that says US instead of ME or YOU. Name necklaces would work here too but this time it has to have both your names so that she feels connected. Necklaces with twin hearts that contain the names of both of you inside or the pictures will do wonders as well.

Been There for A  Long Time?

Now since you are about a one-year-long relationship, you must make her feel special on your first anniversary or on her birthday. Time to gift something that she will cherish all her life. Something concrete like sterling silver jewellery, zirconia diamond-studded pendant, a gold ring or a platinum band. These will be the best gifts for such occasions.

It’s Time to Propose for Marriage?

After being in a relationship for a very long time, it's time to propose to her for marriage and show her how strongly you want to spend the rest of your life with her. The diamond ring for her ring finger would be the perfect gift on such an occasion. Bend down on your knees, open the box of a diamond ring and ask her “Will you marry me?”. Rest assured, she will not refuse and this will be the most memorable moment for both of you.