Engagement Rings Facts Worthy to Know

Engagement Rings Facts Worthy to Know
Let’s take a break and enjoy the engagement rings facts:

1) A round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular choice of all the time. You may choose them fitted in different diamond rings for women but they have always pleased women. What is the wow factor is? It allows maximum light and brilliance which makes its hot favorite.

2) The second interesting fact is that the ratio of shopping diamond rings online has increased so far as compared to previous years. This means that people enjoy online shopping more than the traditional one which is beneficial for both, jewelers and buyers. The former can give exposure to the great collection while the latter get more choices to shop.

Austria’s Archduke Maxmillion gave a Gold Ring Set with a Diamond to Mary of Burgundy as a token of Love in 1477. This introduced the Engagement Ring Trend since then.

3) It is established from the traditional belief that the fourth finger of the left hand is connected with the vein of heart and this is why we wear engagement/wedding ring on it and call it to ring finger.

4) Diamonds are truly a miracle of nature. Diamonds take 1 to 3 billion years to form beneath earth’s surface at the depth of 100 miles in specific parts where the combination of temperature and pressure is just right. So if you think you have just got a diamond ring, you can walk 2-inches taller!

5) Did you ever wonder why your diamond ring sparkles more than the one preserved by your grandmother? In ancient times, even 0.01 to 1-carat diamonds were manually cut and they were called ‘single cuts’ as they were too small to cut facets for a brilliant cut. And now, even 4 times smallest diamonds can be cut with 58 facets with each having a brilliant cut. We should be thankful for modern technology eh?

6) The rarest diamonds in the world are natural colored diamonds like pink, red, blue and green. They are exponentially rare and incredible and the color we see is the very few impurities which cause diamonds to color

7) More than 80% of Brides admitted that they love the ring design as an important ring feature from Cut, Price, and Design.

8) It is getting common for couples to buy engagement rings together. Break the rules is what the young generation believes. How are you going to buy them?

9) People from England, US, France, Canada, and India traditionally wear betrothal bands on the left hand while people from Germany and Russia prefer to wear on right hand.

10) People usually spend their salary of 2 months together for shopping engagement rings and they trust the sites which are secured, have more payment options and more important from those who offer guarantee certificate of the jewelry item they purchase.