Difference Between Rose Gold Jewelry vs Gold jewelry

Difference Between Rose Gold Jewelry vs Gold jewelry

Jewelry or ornament means decorative items like rings, earrings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, brooches, nose ring, anklets created from materials like gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, precious stone, etc. You can see Designer Jewellery Online having different designs, styles, and patterns.

Wearing jewelry adds extra beauty to your look. Some types of outfits need any particular type of ornament. Some classic jewelry every woman should own and add to her jewelry collection are diamond studs, pearl necklaces, Gold Bracelet For Women, Gold Necklace For Women, stacking rings, etc.

Rose gold is a mixture of some percentage of pure gold and other metals which creates harder material than gold to work with. Whereas gold is in purest form having no addition of other materials. Gold is in a very soft form so you cannot create jewellery of pure gold. Pure gold means 28 karats.Pure gold comes in yellow shade whereas rose gold comes in the pinkish shade.

The price of pure gold jewelry and rose gold jewelry depends on how many karats is used in the making process of them. If 18k of gold is used in making the process of both types of jewellery, then the price will be also the same.

In gold jewelry, to make a metal alloy with gold, silver, copper, and zinc is added. With the help of these alloys, your jewelry becomes strong, durable, and lasting for a long time. In making the process of rose gold jewelry there is 75% of pure gold and the rest percentage is copper and a dash of silver.

People have been using gold for years to make many pieces of jewelry for many functions like a gold engagement ring, gold necklaces to give at the time of wedding function, and so on. Rose gold is known to the world in 2012 so it is quite new in comparison to yellow gold.

Pure gold is softer in the material so the chance of having scratches is more than rose gold.

In conclusion, gold is good if you want to invest your money and want pure gold. But rose gold is now in trend and one of the most romantic metals. Rose gold is strong, durable, and tougher than pure gold because it has copper in it.