Why wearing silver Jewelry is so pupular?

Why wearing silver Jewelry is so pupular?
Do you like wearing silver jewelry?
Well, who doesn’t? Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, or dainty ring, silver jewelry is one of the best purchases you can buy.I love the look of silver accessories, but I never knew why wearing silver Jewelry is so pupular! Here are some research and thought it’d be neat to share some of what I found.

1.Silver kills harmful bacteria
Even before humans understood germs, we’ve used silver to protect against infection.
Modern science has supported those early intuitions.Study after study after study has shown that silver is an effective antibacterial agent via what is known as the oligodynamic effect.Some research indicates that bacterium killed by silver stays active, attacking and killing their disease-causing neighbors!
In the medical field, silver is a common active ingredient in bandages and salves to treat burns, and there’s evidence it can prevent ventilator-related pneumonia.
You might even benefit from silver’s antimicrobial properties in your everyday life.It’s used as a filter layer in different types of water purification systems and sometimes sewn into clothes to kill odor-causing bacteria.

2.Silver is a hypoallergenic metal
Jewelers include many of those metals—even nickel—in the pieces they make. That’s where silver comes in to save the day.
Silver is one of the least allergenic metals and is one of the best options forpeople with sensitive skin.It’s one of the safest metals to keep against your body, which is good news for jewelry lovers!

3.Pain relief
In a recent study on the treatment of arthritis, it was shown that a certain type of medical silver ring could help relieve joint pain.And a thorough review of existing literature suggests that silver may help with pain relief in wound dressings.
If you’re suffering from pain,especially in the hands or other areas where you wear jewelry,wearing something made from silver just might help.

4.Symbolism and meaning
For nearly every religion and belief system, there’s a symbolic meaning for silver.
Since ancient times, silver has drawn connections with the moon and femininity.Jesus’s famous “render unto Caesar” speech was likely explained using a silver Roman coin.And silver is referenced as an article of wealth and blessing in the Qu’ran.

5.Mental calm
Silver is often associated with mental tranquility.Silver has a cool tone, which has been shown to result in amore relaxed and calm mood.
A common accessory for this practice is a silver spinner ring, which lets the wearer help center and ground themself.These rings have been used by people across the world in modern times to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and bring a sense of calm.