What is Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a combination of two metals. Pure or fine silver comprises 92.5% of the mixture and the other 7.5% consists of a different metal, usually copper. It is impossible to have silver jewellery made from 99.9% pure or fine silver because the content is far too soft to use alone. In order to harden the silver and to maintain the colour and lustre, pure silver is mixed with additional metal so that the new compound is firm and durable enough to be worked with by silversmiths.

According to the history of sterling silver, sterling silver has been ‘heralded for centuries for its highly lustrous finish and versatile applications’, and we couldn’t agree more!

In our sterling silver Aquila ranges, our sterling 925 silver is guaranteed to be 92.5% pure silver mixed with copper (never nickel). The addition of copper metal allows for our jewellery to bear the gorgeous handmade designs of our highly skilled artisans. Take a look at our unique Sydney Collection for some authentic sterling silver designs to be inspired by.