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A nice watch can greatly improve your style, which is why it's the perfect gift on your shopping list. Whether he's an avid watch collector, or just starting out, the right timepiece is a gift that's both stylish and practical.

The first is quartz Watches. Highly accurate and mass produced, these movements are regulated by a piece of a quartz and powered by a battery. 

Quartz watches are cheaper than automatic watches. It’s because the movements are less labour-intensive to make.Quartz watches are extremely reliable and accurate when it comes to keeping time; while a good quartz watch may run 20 seconds off per month, a good automatic watch may be off by several minutes in a month.Quartz watches require very little maintenance; you just need to change the battery every few years. Automatic watches, while they don’t have a battery, need servicing every 3-5 years

On the other end, there are mechanical Watches. Some are manually wound, but the majority are now "automatics": watches that are purpose-built to harness kinetic energy. So every time you move your wrist, the movement stays powered. Think of it as a very bougie bike dynamo.

Many mechanical movement makers have deep history and heritage
Automatic watches are an impressive feat of engineering and there’s an allure to their mechanical character. Think about car enthusiasts’ preference for cars with manual transmissions over those with automatic transmissions, or think about how some people are super passionate about motorcycles but you won’t find the same passion for scooters.

Many people are captivated by the sweeping second hand on automatic watches. While a second hand on a quartz watch moves once per second, a second hand on a mechanical watch moves multiple times a second, giving the illusion of a sweeping motion. This is a sign that the watch is powered by a mechanical movement, and is something that is deeply appreciated by lovers of mechanical watches

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