How to Choose the Fittest Watch Bracelet

Watch bracelets are typically made of metal materials. These might include steel, rose gold, platinum, rhodium, or silver. These are generally considered the elegant, or formal, watch attachments, and often can run into the excessively expensive realm.

Oyster Watch Bracelet was introduced by Rolex in the 1930s. It has a long, thick, three-piece link design, and is probably the most easily recognizable classic watch bracelet style. This particular style of bracelet is highly durable, as well as attractive, so makes a great option for anyone who wears their watch nearly constantly, but wants to appear dressier most of the time.

President Watche Bracelet receives its name from its close association with President Dwight D. Eisenhower. One such bracelet was given to the President as a gift by Rolex, and has been called by this name ever since.

Shark Mesh Watch Bracelet was originated by Omega watches, on their innovative diving watch, the Ploprof 600. The bracelet and watch were designed to withstand severe pressure beneath the water. The design on the Shark Mesh makes it more durable than nearly any other watch bracelet or strap.